Why have a website in 2016?

Yes it’s a pretty outrageous statement but if you read this article in the context that follows, it just might make you think again about your web presence and marketing, and what you might do to improve it.

These days it’s not enough to have a website that just acts like a brochure. It’s your biggest asset and most companies ‘get that’.

What we’ve found here at Mosaique is that the skills we need as consultants are no longer just focused on the design and technology of getting a website to work, it also involves a heck of a lot of expertise in content marketing.

It’s a journey and it needs constant work. Your number one marketing priority should be to make your website the focal point of your sales efforts.  Any commitment that is less than this, will simply result in missed sales opportunities and you handing work to your competitors.”

Most Marketers (76%) think that marketing has changed more in the past two years than in the past 50 years. That’s a staggering thought and for me it suggests that we have to really work harder and smarter to get it right.

The hottest topic this year is all about content marketing.

Some facts

Only 30% of B2B marketers say their company are effective at content marketing, down from 38% last year.

44% of B2B marketers say their company is clear on what content marketing success or effectiveness looks like; 55% are unclear or unsure.

44% of B2B marketers meet daily or weekly—either in person or virtually—to discuss the progress of their content marketing program; however, the more effective the organisation is at content marketing, the more often they meet (61% of the most effective meet daily or weekly).

In 2016 content marketing will be one of the most talked about issues for marketers, and companies will start to significantly invest in content marketing strategies.

Yes content is King and content has moved to the forefront of marketing. B2B marketers are saying it is the single most important type of content for their business. The majority publishing new content multiple times per week.

Customers are now more demanding than ever and want information that benefits them in all aspects of their lives: home, work and play. Producing thought provoking and topical content can build great brand awareness for your business. But, before you start to churn out your blog there needs to be some thought regarding the content.

So what are the basics and where do you start.

1. The basics


Simply put content marketing is about creating and sharing useful content in order to create a relationship with your audience/customers. Content can be derived from all sorts of sources, social media discussions, blog posts, videos, TV and traditional news media.

Your content needs to ensure that it is delivering value. Here are some examples:

Providing a solution to a common industry problem

Offering practical advice enabling the reader to grasp an understanding of a new subject.

Provide industry analysis following research or discussion to encourage a healthy debate.


The difference between content marketing and traditional marketing is that content marketing is rarely promotional and seldom talks directly about a product or company. It should be more informative for your customers; both useful and relevant in their everyday lives. In this context, I am attempting to do exactly that, by writing and publishing this topic.

2. Where to start

What are small changes you can make in your business to help your content marketing reach your goals?

The KiS principle - Keeping it Simple.

Encourage all your team to engage with one, then two, then three social posts from your brand each week.

Ask the team to produce one topic idea a week for content

Connect with one influential person on Twitter or Linked in every day

Ensure you’re optimising everything correctly on your website, even images

Writing 150 words more on that blog post to include a call-to-action

Test your form fields to see what produces higher completions

Move your content production from once a week to twice a week.

These things sound small, don’t they? But the fact of the matter is, tiny little actions taken consistently add up to progress.

3. What to do

Prepare your content:

Is the title impactful to grab your readers’ attention?

Does it reflect the content?

What is the main point that you are trying to make?

Is the topic related to your industry and brand values?

The next stage is to conduct an edit of the content to ensure that there are no typos, incorrect grammar points, and the overall quality is to your company’s standards – after all, a poorly written blog could damage your brand reputation.

(It’s a good job we have a great PR company sitting in our offices that check all of my stuff!).

Make sure you check

Is the title is engaging and relevant to what the rest of the content is about?

Does the content communicate the key points in a logical way?

Is the reading experience an enjoyable and easy narrative to read?

Is the content reflective of your brand, its values and your tone of voice?

Remember no one wants to read a novel so keeping the content short is better.


So with 55% of companies unclear or unsure of what content marketing success or effectiveness even looks like, there is possibly a need that has to be addressed.

The good news is we do!

Mosaique can put great content together and we can get it out to the people that matter to you. Some of our most recent work includes projects for:

Equestrian Team GBR


Tewkesbury Borough Council



There’s much more we can explain and tell you in person, so please drop me a line: paul@mosaique.co.uk or call me on 01684 292552.

2016 is your year to nail digital content marketing!



Paul Carter

I have been working in design and digital marketing for over 30 years. What have I learnt? Not as much as i will learn through this digital revolution. Marketing has not changed that much but the way we market has changed significantly. We are more and more engaged through Social Media, and Content Marketing is key for all brands. Is it Multi and / or Omni? Whatever channel, it continues to move quickly and I am learning more now than ever. t’s an exciting time for all brands and business. I watched my two year old grand-daughter playing with my iPhone recently; unsurprisingly she already knows how to swipe and to scroll. As a digital immigrant who grew up with 'action man' (albeit with real hair and gripping hands) I can only wonder what digital natives like my grand-daughter will be doing with technology in the next 20 years!

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